Who we are

At Hedgehog Company, we take an entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary approach to realise sustainability together with our partners. Our dot on the horizon is a climate neutral 2030. We do not write reports that end up in drawers of CEOs. Instead, we build targeted, feasible, and affordable impact strategies!

Our values

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Creative communication

We do not ‘just’ deliver your results and report. When a project ends, we actually take the time for our free delivery meeting with you and your colleagues. In this meeting, we ensure the correct interpretation and implementation of the results. We also create your personal dashboard on our web based app. This dashboard lets you access your results in a clear overview anytime you want and can be a starting point to monitor your progress over the years.

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Clear solutions

In the delivery meeting, we discuss low-hanging fruit solutions to improve your sustainable performance in the short term. In addition, we support the thought process for your sustainable strategy towards 2030, and beyond.

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A wise man once said, ‘you can’t manage, what you can’t measure’. All our projects start with a sustainability impact assessment. Depending on your goal and situation, this assessment can be on a product, service, organisation, construction project or full investment portfolio.

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Valuing collaboration

Sustainable transition needs a different approach, focused on interdisciplinary thinking. We need your insights to translate your activities into correct sustainability impact metrics. Hence, we strive for a collaborative relationship with our clients, instead of a conventional customer relationship.

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We do it for our earth

Cliché but true. We’ve started this business to create impact by doing. We are intrinsically motivated to improve our relationship with each other and our planet.

Meet the Hedgehogs

Our mission

At Hedgehog Company, we work with businesses, investors, and construction project developers across the planet. We enable your sustainable transition with a systems-thinking approach, entrepreneurial drive, and data-driven support.

“The insights in the CO2 impact in parts of our products caused a paradigm shift. The LCA hotspot analyses of Hedgehog Company open a new set of options to reduce our footprint and offer more sustainable products.

We appreciate their knowledge, openness and ease to implement recommendations.”
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Wieger Deknatel
Business Development Manager Sustainable Products

Board of Advisory

Coyan Tromp

Coyan Tromp is an assistant professor and curriculum developer at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). She specialises in issues concerning complex problems, interdisciplinary solutions and paradigm changes. She wrote the book Wicked Philosophy: Philosophy for Science and Vision Development for Complex Problems, among others. Coyan was one of the founders of the Future Planet Studies bachelor’s degree at the University of Amsterdam. This bachelor is also the cradle for Hedgehog Company; each of our three founders graduated in this. With her philosophical-scientific background and interdisciplinary view, Coyan is a fixed value in the RvA.

Piet-Hein Goossens

Piet-Hein spent 14 years at Accenture Strategy as an advisor to CFOs and their organisations. He has since started to focus on sustainability. To this end, he works at the Black Jaguar Foundation and the North Sea Farmers. The Black Jaguar Foundation is an NGO working to realize the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in Brazil. This will be 2,600 km long and requires the restoration of 1.7 billion trees. The North Sea Farmers are committed to the large-scale cultivation of seaweed in the North Sea as part of future agriculture. Piet-Hein’s strategic business background, analytical skills and enthusiasm form a key role in our RvA.