Life Cycle Assessment consulting

Get detailed insights on the environmental impact over the life cycle of your product, service, or organisation by our life cycle assessment consultants.

ISO 14040 / 14044

Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)

Environmental product declaration (EPD)

Some of the organisations we've helped so far


Do you need guidance from our LCA consultants?

  • To communicate the environmental impact to your consumers and/or customers in the right form
  • In applying the correct set of LCA calculation rules: from PEF to ISO, and NMD to MKI
  • Become compliant with Green Claims Directive, the CBAM, and/or the Digital Product Passport from the ESPR
  • To be able, with your team, to kickstart your sustainable strategy. Based on our hotspot analysis

Our LCA consultants support you with creative communication and clear solutions.

Avoid becoming a laggard in sustainability. The coming years until 2030 will see increasingly stricter regulations and more conscious consumers. Without LCA-studies, you cannot communicate or market your sustainability without being accused of greenwashing. Use the insights of an LCA for sustainable product design or innovation, or sustainable business strategies. Sustainable strategies and efficient decision-making become a lot easier with the data-driven insights.

We are listed LCA consultants at Environdec. Our experienced LCA experts have assessed many products and services in sectors like IT accessories, construction materials, financial institutions, agriculture, fashion, plastics, marine solutions, and many more.

Gain clarity on the environmental impact of your product and organisation.

  • Build data-driven sustainable business strategies
  • Communicate to clients and tenders with verified EPDs and MKI-scores
  • Benefit from data-driven sustainable product design and - innovation
  • Build product environmental footprint (PEF) according the new EU standard

Start your LCA today.

Environmental hotspot analysis: based on our expertise and the insights from the LCA study. One hour free consult to you and your team.

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