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Product carbon footprint and corporate carbon footprint consulting: valuable insights at multiple levels.

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Don't know where to start with sustainability?

  • Do you know your carbon emissions? And other greenhouse gas emissions?
  • Any idea about your contribution to climate change?
  • Are you aligned with the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement?
  • Start today, you don't want to lag behind!

We know sustainability can feel a bit overwhelming.

Starting with carbon accounting via the GHG protocol, or the PAS2050, can help you avoid myriad future issues. The CSRD legislation requires you to derive insights into your organisational footprint, and future legislation such as carbon tax and eco-labelling will demand similar insights on both product and organisational level. You can also overcome the inability to disclose and report on sustainability towards supply chain partners and/or possible investors. But, most importantly, creating insights in your carbon footprint lets you manage the avoidance of future climate risks.

We've calculated tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions for Finish Profiles Group steel constructions, Dutch National Opera and Ballet, Happy Duck Carwash boxes, Fiskano fish traders, and many more.

With the insights of carbon footprinting, you can

  • Build data-driven carbon net-zero strategies
  • Become a future-proof company valued by clients, consumers, employees, and the next generation
  • Join labels, initiatives or certifications such as Science Based Targets, B-Corp, or the GHG Protocol
  • Increase energy efficiency and save money


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In depth information

Do you want to know more about the carbon footprint?

Read this article, where we explain everything you want to know about your carbon footprint and the way to measure this impact.

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