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Everything you need to know about CSRD in one brochure

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CSRD consulting

  • Guidance for organisations in CSRD compliance with double materiality assessment and gap analysis
  • Support for organisation who receive CSRD data requests from customers and supply chain partners
  • Implementation focused: our CSRD consultancy aims for full integration of CSRD in your organisation
  • We offer a mix of CSRD software solutions, in-house or from our partners, tailor made to your needs

The CSRD feels overwhelming and vague for almost everyone in business, and its effect is rippling through value chains even outside the EU.

Although the CSRD can be perceived as too complex and too ambitious by many, it’s a welcoming step for those who fear the effects of climate change and other impacts on our planet.

The team of CSRD consultants at Hedgehog Company are not your average consultants. We are young and ambitious professionals who will make sure that your organisation benefits from the new insights and learnings that the CSRD will bring.

This means a pragmatic and entrepreneurial approach that will make you compliant, while reducing your impact during the process.

What is CSRD

What is CSRD

The CSRD, or Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, is a new EU directive following the EU Green Deal. CSRD is based on ‘double materiality’. On the one hand, it obliges organisations to report about the impact of their business activities on the environment. On the other hand, organisations must also report on the financial risks from ESG-related topics.

The CSRD reporting framework is laid out in different ESRS chapters, also known as the European Sustainability Reporting Standard. Get in touch with our team of CSRD experts to learn more!

Our CSRD consultants guide you to compliance

  • CSRD training: educating you and your team.
  • Double materiality assessment: identifying the ESRS topics that your organisation must report on.
  • Gap analysis: determining what is needed to develop your sustainability report that is CSRD compliant.
  • CSRD Roadmap: a description of the activities and responsibilities of your team to successfully deliver your first CSRD report, develop KPIs and set out a future-proof ESG strategy.
  • Implementation: we turn the roadmap into action and guide you during the whole process until your CSRD report is ready, depending on the support you need
  • The perfect set of CSRD software matched to your organisation's need, to ensure workability and implementation.

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Everything you need to know about CSRD

Discover the ins and outs of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and its impact on businesses. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements, benefits, and challenges of this important sustainability regulation. Join us as we delve into the world of corporate sustainability reporting and explore how it is shaping the future of businesses.

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