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Listen now to our podcast "De Klimaat Veranderaars"

New; our podcast where Max and Clara talk to experts who are on the frontline of sustainability. Get inspired!

How do you change the climate? Because we all have an impact, there's no way escaping that. And with the right choices, both companies and individuals can still give a positive twist to the climate crisis. But how exactly?

That's why we started a podcast, where Max and Clara talk to experts who are on the frontline of sustainability. Many people are working towards a more sustainable world. What can we learn from them? Can they provide insights into their daily work? What are they doing to positively change the climate?

In the first two episodes, Joost Walterbos, Co-Founder of Hedgehog Company, joins us. We start from the beginning; what position does sustainability hold in our society? What is needed for a transition? And what things are already going well? We also discuss definitions of sustainability, and Max and Clara confess their climate good deeds—as well as their sins—over the past period.

In episodes three and four, we've invited Emma Kallen, a CSRD expert at Factor Delta. The CSRD is new European legislation on sustainability reporting, and it will eventually affect all companies. Emma shares all the ins & outs about this new law and outlines a roadmap for companies to get started with the CSRD.

The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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