Getting started with sustainable construction

Need clarity in the jungle of circular, modular, bio-based, or nature-inclusive construction?

Lower project risks

Managing with tailor-made metrics

Goal-driven project development

Not yet fully familiar with 'sustainable construction'?

Clients asking you to execute renovation or construction projects 'sustainably'?

Wondering what the benefits of 'sustainability' are, and how to manage it in your projects?

What is wrong with the way you're always doing your projects?

You shouldn't have to solely make decisions on gut feeling.

No one can manage sustainability without the right calculations.

Together we can reduce your risks with efficient planning and eliminating mistakes beforehand. Based on your vision and the project's specifics, we calculate different scenario's on environment, comfort, health, and finance. We've been successful in tenders and securing circular materials with suitable business models.

Data-driven guidance to sustainability with our environmental consultants.

We've acted as sustainability managers at the best-scoring sustainable construction in the Netherlands: the Natural Pavilion

Some of the organisations we've helped so far

Things we've seen with our previous clients.

An increase in the value of your real estate.

Flexible and life-resistant buildings.

Future-proof constructions for long beyond 2030.

Balance of cost-benefits between user-health and comfort, sustainable materials, efficient energy and project costs.

We support you in becoming a sustainable project developer.



Together we determine your ambition and the correct metrics that need focus.



Based on the ambition, your input and current situation, we calculate and present several potential scenarios of both construction and use phase.



To the extent you wish, we can support you with additional network of suppliers and knowledge.


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Sustainable Construction

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