Getting started with sustainable investment portfolio's

Sustainable finance depends on obtaining valuable sustainability insights of assets and investments opportunities, at the right moment in the investment life cycle.

SFDR Article 9

Divest sustainable assets around 2030

Active ownership and environmental stewardship

Some of the organisations we've helped so far

Are you a fund- or portfolio manager who

  • Wants to realise sustainable investments, without compromising financial performance?
  • Has no idea yet about the sustainable performance of his assets, nor how to improve these?
  • Is stuck with ESG data, which is valuable for risk assessment but not for sustainable investments?
  • Believes the sustainable transition brings opportunities to increase your financial return?

ESG investing seemed like the right thing. But it's time to move on.

ESG ratings are proxy data, based on country- and industry-sector averages multiplied by your asset's revenue. This is useless for monitoring the ESG performance of the assets in your portfolio. In addition, ESG appears to be subject to greenwashing and fraud. In the recent period, ESG scandals have occurred due to unverifiable methodologies and it's users operating non-transparent. Step away from ESG and let's go fully transparent, verifiable, and tailor-made for your portfolio's sustainable objectives. 2030 is only seven years away. We believe that you'll see a financial gain when you divest your assets with an improved environmental performance over the coming years.

We create sustainability insights based on asset-level data. We've built sustainable investment frameworks for diverse cases. Get in touch to discuss your specific situation.

Become a sustainable investment manager

  • Identify the assets with the right sustainable performance for your portfolio during screening and due diligence phases
  • Realise sustainability in your assets between acquisition and divestment
  • Choose the KPIs important for your portfolio: from biodiversity to global warming potential. From water pollution to social impacts
  • Become future proof and enable active ownership

A 3-step Strategy

Let's start with sustainable finance today


Initial phase

First we'll discuss your portfolio types, financial instruments, ambitions, and other situational aspects. If wished, we can help you set up your sustainable goals and strategy.


Assessment framework

We develop and execute your sustainable assessment framework suitable for every step in the investment process.


Impact investment

Become a real sustainable investment manager. Improve environmental performance of your portfolio-companies between acquisition and divestment.


Our expert on
Sustainable Finance

Become a real impact investment manager today!

Let's start with a pilot project so you can verify the value of these insights for your investment management.

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