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We offer a simple, threefold strategy to guide organisations towards sustainability. Start assessing. Start planning. Start implementing.

Sustainability can seem vague, overwhelming, and difficult to understand. That's why we take a data-driven approach and bring clarity in sustainability. So you can thrive as a sustainable and future-proof organisation.

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What we deliver

Data-driven guidance

You can't manage what you don't measure.  We give you insights in your sustainable performance and progression.

We guide you based on sustainability KPI’s and insights. Tailored to your own organisation and value chain.

We quantify these KPI’s and insights on quantified metrics. Based on Life Cycle Assessments and carbon foot printing.

Creative communication

Sustainability is a wicked problem. The impact of your work and organisation can be difficult to understand.

We bring creative and clear communication. To ensure the right perception and avoid accusations of greenwashing.

Because greenwashing accusations are harmful for your organisation. And they can be avoided with clarity and transparency. 

Clear climate solutions

Sustainability doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. And with a pragmatic approach, it brings you many benefits.

From our network -and based on our own experience- we help you find the right partners and solutions.

Climate net-zero can be quickly achieved by combining reduction and offsetting strategies.
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We've guided 100+ customers
to get clarity in their sustainability

Thanks to Hedgehog's expert help, we broke down the big task of collecting CO₂ and LCA data step by step. In just four months, we completed our first CO₂ review. Grateful for the support that turned a tough job into a doable success!
Anna Ahrenberg
Brand and Sustainability Lead
We experienced Hedgehog Company to be very accessible, co-operative and flexible in its approach to our collaboration. HHC’s knowledge and experience regarding carbon footprint assessment and analysis will definitely help us reaching our net-zero targets for the future!
Rebecca Wörner
Management Advisor Investments
Our collaboration with Hedgehog Company is very good. They are a reliable partner who understand the questions we have and offer regular and clear communication on the progress. Also, they are flexible and adapt data based on new insights generated from discussions or new data from stakeholders.
Laura Koedijk
Sustainability specialist
Hedgehog Company is a team of committed young professionals, with the drive to deliver results with real impact in the production process. Their flexibility and open-minded inset make a very nice collaboration experience.
Yaite Cuesta Arenas
Project Manager Innovations
The insights in the CO2 impact in parts of our products caused a paradigm shift. The LCA hotspot analyses of Hedgehog Company open a new set of options to reduce our footprint and offer more sustainable products. We appreciate their knowledge, openness, and ease to implement recommendations.
Wieger Deknatel
Business Development Manager Sustainable Products

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Joost did an interview with Clara, our head of communications, to share our approach towards sustainability. Are you curious? Click the button below to read the article.

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