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Joost in the podcast "Who's Saving the Planet"

Co-Founder Joost was invited to the podcast "Who's Saving the Planet". Listen to the episode to find out how sustainability looks in the EU and how this can be translated to US organisations.

Europe has consistently taken a proactive approach in employing legislation and regulatory bodies to advocate for a more environmentally positive future, particularly in influencing major corporate entities. In this podcast episode, Joost shares his view on translating the ongoing transformation in Europe into potential future actions in the United States.

Some of the topics discussed

The paradigm is shifting; businesses, employees and consumers are becoming more aware and willing to contribute financially to these aims. As soon as you are doing (global) business, it will become interesting for you to show an environmental impact declaration or carbon footprint of your product. The lower the impact or footprint, the better.

Besides this, the European Union is actively making legislations to move businesses towards sustainability. For example, the CSRD is coming up. And the first companies will be obliged to report on their environmental impact in 2025. This means, they will have to start measuring their impact in 2024,otherwise they have nothing to report on.

Another important development is the introduction of an obliged Digital Product Passport, in which the exact environmental impact of a product is stated. Implementation of this passport is foreseen from 2025 on, becoming mandatory in 2030. The first sectors where this passport has to be shown are Textiles and Batteries.

Business will also have to take the PEF into consideration: Product Environmental Footprinting method. This is a Life Cycle Assessment Methodology, with which organisations can assess their exact environmental impact. Every category of products will receive their own methodology and rules, to what producer have to stand up to.

And to end with a positive note; some examples of climate-crisis we managed to solve. It is not too late yet to save the planet!

To find out more, listen to the episode on your favorite podcast's platform: Click here to listen the episode

Thanks for the invite & nice conversation Lex Kiefhaber!

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