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Manual for nitrogen-free construction

Hedgehog Company, together with C-creators and Platform31, performed a study for the province of North Holland on nitrogen emissions in construction.

CoBouw on the Nitrogen Manual: 'Prefabricated housing is the most promising way of reducing nitrogen emissions during construction. On the other hand, biofuel use has no effect at all’. A study by the Province of Noord-Holland on low-nitrogen construction in by Hedgehog Company and partners.

Tackling the nitrogen crisis in the Netherlands

Under the direction of C-creators, a foundation dedicated to upscaling circular construction, we wrote a study on low-nitrogen construction for the province of North Holland together with Platform31. With municipalities and representatives from the construction sector, we mapped the most promising ways to build with less nitrogen in the province of Noord-Holland.

Cover of the document: 'Handreiking Stikstofvrije Woningbouw'

The ruling by the Council of State 

The reason for this guide is the nitrogen crisis: the undesirable situation of housing projects being halted as a result of the Council of State's nitrogen ruling. This document aims to offer municipalities and market players a way out of this nitrogen crisis. We present concrete and practical interventions that can significantly contribute to nitrogen reduction or are promising innovations for other relevant reasons.

"Circular construction offers starting points for reducing nitrogen emissions in the short and long term. In addition, as part of a broader sustainable construction approach, it offers multiple benefits for health, quality of life, biodiversity and carbon reduction. This makes it relevant for municipalities to gain more insight into measures that bring more benefits than just nitrogen reduction."

You can read the entire article by CoBouw, written by Marije de Leeuw on 10 November 2020, here.

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Download 'Handreiking Stikstofvrije Woningbouw' here. Dutch only.
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