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Milestones in Biobased Construction

Biobased construction to built a green future. Read about some milestones we reached, together withour partners, in the past year.

Over the past year, we have worked diligently to promote Category 1 biobased products in the National Environmental Database (NMD). The National Environmental Database serves as the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) program for the construction sector in the Netherlands.

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) of Biobased Materials

One year ago, in collaboration with Circlewood and The Natural Pavilion, we showcased the future of industrial bio-based construction during the Floriade Expo 2022. We exhibited 32 walls made of bio-based materials within the pavilion. With the support of Woningbouwatelier, we conducted LCAs (Life Cycle Assessments) for eight wall suppliers, and ultimately, five products were included in the NMD.

A Breakthrough: biobased materials in the National Environmental Database (NMD)

What's even more remarkable is that three of these products have earned a spot on the MIA/VAMIL list of the NMD. This marks the first time that bio-based products have been listed in this database. When a product is included in the National Environmental Database, it means that the Environmental Performance of Buildings (MPG in Dutch) for that product can be determined. MPG is mandatory according to the environmental law and indicates the environmental impact of materials used in a building. This empowers projectmanagers and building companies to make well-informed choices during the design and construction of projects.

Together with our partners EcoCocon / Strotec B.V./ ECOR®rawblox / Straw block systems /Isofloc AG-Thermofloc / VanHierMymo / Studio Cartier/ Rik Makes, we have demonstrated that bio-based materials can be a sustainable alternative to traditional building materials. By utilizing renewable resources such as pepper fibers, straw, and other natural materials, they contribute to a circular economy and reduce CO2 emissions.

Please refer to the accompanying factsheet (button below) for photos of the biobased materials and an impression of The Natural Pavilion.

Image: © Stijn Brakkee Fotografie & Daria Scagliola

Check out our factsheet for an impression
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