Proud to be part of the Dopper Wave

Hedgehog Company joins the Dopper Wave. A movement to turn the tide in the fight against plastic pollution. What are we doing, and what can you do?

Did you know…

That’s why Hedgehog Company joins the Dopper Wave. A movement of organizations and individuals, who together turn the tide in the fight against plastic pollution. This fits in with our mission to realize sustainability together with our partners. We will therefore encourage our partners to join the Dopper Wave. We sign the declaration to:

  1. Ban disposable water bottles from our organization
  2. Encourage colleagues and visitors to drink tap water whenever and wherever possible
  3. Remind everyone to always have their reusable water bottle with them
  4. Inspire other organizations and people to join the Dopper Wave as well.

And you? Will you join us? Visit  to find out how you can help save our oceans with small, everyday actions!

Watch the Dopper Wave Film below. Anyone who sees this video is guaranteed to be inspired. Okay, we might be a little biased, but he captures the story perfectly. The story about real people who banned disposable water bottles from their lives. About their decision to sign the statement and be part of the Wave. And all that in a minute and a half. Of course we don’t want you to miss out. For the record.

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Laat Mokum Bloeien - Project Manager

When Kim grows up, she wants to root around in the soil on her own organic farm. But to be able to do that with peace, she first feels there is work to be done. Kim is our expert in communication and marketing. If something is not clear yet, she dives right into it after we all receive a lecture about how it should be done!

Kim’s mission is to change the world so fast that by 2030 she has to explain to young people what fossil fuels actually are.

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