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Start with carbon reduction, then carbon compensation. Do that little extra to restore what is already lost.

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  • Some climate impacts and carbon emissions are too expensive and/or impossible to remove.
  • Searching for compensation, but overwhelmed by all the different options?
  • Find a suitable and affordable solution without the danger of being accused of greenwashing
  • We support you in combining carbon reduction and carbon compensation strategy

The carbon credit market is complicated.

You shouldn't have to know if it is better to plant a tree on the amazon, help Indian women with cooking stoves or buy carbon credits from the ETS market. With this service, we are committed to help our compensation partners with just the right clients. In addition, we help you to avoid compensating for avoidable carbon emissions and reputational risk by not only helping you choose the right projects, but also avoid having to perform hours of research on what project to invest in.

We have compensated tonnes of carbon with our clients and partners.

Become a net zero organisation

  • Support valuable projects
  • Receive the correct carbon credits
  • Without having to pay for middle-men
  • Do that little extra for historic emissions, and restore what we've already lost


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Our compensation partners

Black Jaguar Foundation

The Black Jaguar Foundation has a clear goal: 1.7 billion trees in the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in Brazil. This corridor extends over a distance of 2600 kilometres from south to north along the Rio Araguaia. This restoration project is one of the largest in South America. The BJF adopts a very structured and planned approach focused on replanting the right species per local environment.

The Green Branch

The Green Branch encourages companies to participate in landscape restoration and reforestation projects to make positive change! They have forestry plans for degraded lands in subtropical areas. The reforestation method they use ensures storage of CO2, restoration of ecosystems, improvement of biodiversity and financial stability for local farmers. The projects of The Green Branch are certified by the Verra Verified Carbon Standard and the compensation is done through the purchase of CO2 credits.


FORLIANCE is a forestry, climate and sustainability expert, and engages in partnerships to contribute to climate protection, biodiversity and human-wellbeing. We bring our knowledge and experience ethically, professionally and effectively to every step of your climate strategy. We accompany you on the way to your net zero carbon goal and offer you the opportunity to offset unavoidable CO₂ emissions through our nature-based projects.


Regreener has an extensive portfolio of carbon offset projects, both locally and internationally. The verification standards include Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), as well as other high-quality projects focusing on reforestation in the Netherlands, Kenya, and Mozambique. In addition to CO2 impact, Regreener also takes biodiversity and socio-economic into account impact when supporting projects.

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