Environmental Product Declaration

Your EPD with the right set of rules; MKI-scores and NMD, MRPI and Environdec

ISO 14025

According to correct Product Category Rules

Your product's environmental profile

Do you need an EPD with the correct set of calculation rules?

Clients, tender managers and/or institutions requesting formalised environmental data?

Clueless about what the calculation rules for your situation are or how to apply them?

Perplexed by the complexity of - and abbreviations around EPDs?

Quantifying environmental impact is a complex process

Disclosing your sustainability information can feel like sharing sensitive documents.

EPDs are official documents for disclosing the environmental impact of your products. With help from experts, you can avoid getting lost in finding the right set of product category rules and EPD database standards. Avoid missing out on customers or tender deadlines, and start today.

Guiding you to sustainability

We've created many EPDs, including EPD verifications for different databases. We are listed EPD consultants at Environdec.

Organisations we've helped so far

Be prepared with your EPDs and be able to disclose the environmental impact of your product

Directly communicate EPDs and/or MKI scores for tenders

Send clients environmental information, safely and directly after request

Compliance with future eco-labelling regulations from the EU

Be fully transparent to the market and your customers

Be prepared for EPD requests today



Schedule your consultation and activate our collaboration. We determine the correct approach based on your needs.



Together we gather the right data. Subsequently we perform the Life Cycle Assessment for your EPD.



We create your EPD. We also arrange potential third-party verification and application into the database.


Our expert on

Based on your EPD, we give you an hour free consult on how to improve environmental performance of your products.

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