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Conducting a LCA to get clarity in the environmental performance of a variety of packaging materials

The challenge

Eurofins is an organisation that provides testing and support services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, agriscience and consumer products industries, and to governments. 

One of their services is conducting laboratory tests of soil samples. For this specific segment, Eurofins wanted to address the issue of using a variety of packaging materials, and its environmental impact. 

The approach

In order to help Eurofins to communicate a well-founded story, Hedgehog Company performed a life cycle assessment (LCA).

The aim of the LCA was to gain insight into the emissions of the packaging flow from soil research in an environmental laboratory. Included in this analysis were the purchase of materials, the (refrigerated) transport to and from the customers, cooling in the lab and the end of life of the packaging.

The result

The results of this research enabled Eurofins and other companies from the environmental testing sector to provide substantiated environmental advice to their customers and branch organisation, regarding the use of packaging for soil research. The results of their LCA formed a quantitative basis for communicating with their clients and convey a sustainable message.

It was very pleasant to work with Hedgehog Company and to map the environmental impact of the most commonly used packaging in the environmental testing market. The experts of Hedgehog Company thought along well and were very flexible and accurate in carrying out the assignment.
Erik Langerak
Business Development Manager


Sustainability Expert
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