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Minimizing the environmental footprint with insights of the life cycle assessment of mushroom powder

The challenge

Myzel Organics is the first producer of mushroom powder in the world to run on net-zero emissions. They believe that harnessing the power of mushrooms will improve human well-being. Myzel’s mushrooms may bring numerous health benefits to the consumer, such as reducing stress, supporting digestion, and regulating hormones.

Myzel’s mushroom powder is produced in Ontario, Canada. Hedgehog Company has assessed the production of the mushroom powder in terms of its environmental impact. 

The approach

An LCA report has been created to help Myzel recognize the impact of hotspots in their production process, which is the first step to minimizing environmental footprint. 

The result

Because of the LCA report, Myzel got insights in their impact throughout their production process. We found that the impact of energy consumption of the facility is low, since Myzel sources most of its electricity from solar panels installed on the roof. The largest contribution to the environmental footprint lies in raw material sourcing and transport. Myzel can reduce its impact effectively by addressing these hotspots.

Additionally, the LCA makes it simpler for Myzel to communicate the findings to their clients and investors. 

When it came to assessing Myzel Organics' production hotspots and exact impact on the environment, working with Hedgehog was effortless and professional. They ensured our team knew exactly how the assessment of our Carbon output would be carried out, and in each step they educated and explained the process behind the calculations. As we grow and expand as a company, we look forward to working with Hedgehog again to assess our future environmental impacts.
Markus Sadaka


Sustainability Expert
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