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Calculating current & upcoming carbon emissions

The challenge

Finish Profiles Group provide a variety of steel solutions, mainly in roof construction and wall profiles. In addition to supplying these building materials, Finish Profiles also produces, supplies and builds industrial halls, garage-boxes and utility buildings.

Their vision is to provide innovative applications in steel construction for businesses and consumers, enabling them to efficiently and sustainably build with steel. 

To ensure this, Finish Profiles collaborated with Hedgehog Company to calculate their current carbon emissions, and future carbon emissions up to 2030.

The approach

With the data gathered by Hedgehog Company, a carbon footprint was developed. With these insights, a roadmap was created for Finish Profiles to work towards and achieve carbon neutrality in 2030.

The result

We divided the actions in the Roadmap2030 in short and long term measures, to ensure the process towards carbon neutrality remains efficient and affordable. Examples of actions are; investing in electric company cars, electrification of machines like forklift trucks, and implementing solar panels.

Furthermore, to actively compensate their current and future carbon emissions, Finish Profiles also partnered up with the Black Jaguar Foundation, an organisation that realises the reforestation of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in Brazil. In line with the calculations made by Hedgehog Company, Black Jaguar Foundation will plant 11,625 trees on behalf of Finish Profiles Group. Over the course of 26 years, as these trees reach maturity, they will remove 1.7 million kilos of carbon from our atmosphere.

In order for Finish Profiles to realise their reduction goals, Hedgehog Company will guide them during the coming years through annual meetings and providing a CO2-dashboard which allows Finish Profiles Group to monitor their reduction on a monthly basis.

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