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Calculating the impact to a carbon-neutral photobook

The challenge
Profotonet produces photo books and other photo print products, such as individual photos and wall decorations. As an additional service, they want to offer a carbon-neutral photo book to their customers. 

The approach

Hedgehog Company calculated the carbon footprint, starting with the photo book’s production. Production entails the required raw materials and the transportation of the raw materials to the production location. Subsequently, the energy consumption of the production location is taken into account. Finally, production losses and their (waste) processing are also taken into account.

The results were calculated on the basis of the environmental effect of Climate change. They are expressed in kg CO2 equivalents. Gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), but also methane (CH4) contribute to global warming to varying degrees.

The results

The results provided Profotonet with an accurate carbon footprint of their product, which allowed them to compensate its impact. Furthermore, it gave them insight into the environmental hotspots of their product.

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