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Calculate & compensate the carbon emissions to become carbon-neutral

The challenge

E-Freight Forwarding provides services in the field of freight management and facilitating a total supply chain solution for global logistics.  They strive to become carbon-neutral in the services they deliver to their customers.

Part of their sustainability ambition is to grant their customers insights into the carbon footprint of E-freights transport services through a carbon calculator. To realise this, E-Freight asked Hedgehog Company to create a personalised carbon calculator.

The approach

To develop a calculator, Hedgehog Company formulated the correct formulas and linked the correct data to the formulas. For E-freight this means an automatic calculation of the distance between two cities, the weight of the goods and the means of transport.

The result

The result is a simple -yet effective- carbon calculator that directly calculates the total carbon emissions and, accordingly, how many trees should be planted by the Black Jaguar Foundation (BJF) to compensate. 

BJF is an organisation that realises the reforestation of the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in Brazil. Over time, these trees will absorb carbon out of the atmosphere, thus resulting in E-freight achieving carbon neutrality.

The cooperation with Hedgehog Company was very pleasant and went smoothly. Hedgehog Company immediately understood our question and helped us proficiently and quickly.
Wouter Hamelink
Freight Professional
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