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Environmental cost indicator to win tenders

The challenge

Yuugn is a specialised supplier of lighting fixtures for non-residential buildings.Yuugn produces 3D-printed lights with bio-based filaments and recycled PET felt. In order to apply for (public) tenders, Yuugn needs to disclose their MKI (environmental cost indicator). This single score indicator is used to select the most sustainable tender participant.

The approach

In order to measure the MKI, Hedgehog Company performed a life cycle assessment (LCA) of three of their products. The aim of the LCA was to gain insight into the emissions of their light products and see where the impact lies. The advantage of 3D printing is that there is no production waste.

The result

The scope of the LCA was cradle-to-grave, meaning the use phase and the end-of-life are also taken into account. Using the lighting fixtures for a certain period requires electricity. This even turned out to be the phase with the most impact. Having these insights, and the MKI, helped Yuugn to better understand and communicate the environmental impact of their product.

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