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Faay: map the environmental performance to become the most sustainable wall of the Netherlands

The challenge

Faay Vianen B.V. has been operating for over 50 years, committed to developing and manufacturing sustainable and environmentally friendly partition walls. These are walls with a solid core of flax. Faay has the ambition to reduce its environmental impact and in recent year they have put a lot of positive energy into establishing a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)  of its products. 

The approach

Hedgehog Company has mapped the environmental performance of the flax walls by means of an LCA. A sustainability figure was calculated based on 26 impact categories. An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) has been drawn up and included in the National Environmental Database (NMD)

The result 

The EPD gives architects and designers the opportunity to make environmentally conscious choices in the design of a product or its further design. With the aim of minimizing the environmental impact.

FAAY Vianen is the first wall manufacturer in the world with a return guarantee for the circular (flax) core wall. The gypsum cladding and flax core are separated upon return, whereby the gypsum board is reused for, among other things, new gypsum boards. The flax released is pulverized and reused to make chipboard.

In the long term, Faay wants to reuse the collected flax itself for new flax walls.

It is becoming increasingly important to map the environmental impact of our products. On the one hand to minimize our environmental impact and on the other hand to remain a frontrunner in the market. We are therefore very proud that the collaboration with Hedgehog Company has ensured that Faay has been able to make the most sustainable wall in the Netherlands.
Johan Mellegers
Developer Sustainable Products
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