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In-depth insights in company environmental impact

The challenge

Unlimited Footwear Group (UFG) is a large, Dutch producer and supply chain manager of shoewear. UFG produces its own brands, and performs licensed production for other brands (such as G-Star, Supertrash, Björn Börg, Levi’s, and others). UFG aims to adopt a sustainability strategy, however due to the combination of strategic cooperation and own brands it was difficult to build an effective and efficient strategy.

The approach

Hedgehog Company is specialised in combining different environmental assessment and reporting methodologies to fit difficult organisational structures, as seen with UFG. As part of our three-step approach: 1) start measuring, 2) start planning, 3) start implementing, we’ve kick-started an intensive organisational environmental footprint. 

Adopting a combination of life cycle assessments on product level, and corporate carbon footprinting backed with the GHG-protocol, we’ve ensured in depth insights in UFG’s environmental impact. Based on these insights, UFG can build an effective sustainability strategy, targeting specific hotspots with tailor-made measures.

The result

With the results, UFG and Hedgehog are exploring potential impact reduction measures, a sustainability strategy, CSRD compliance and communication to a wide variety of stakeholders.

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