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LCA of plastic recycling to quantify the environmental benefits of a product

The challenge

HAHN Group is an international company, leading in the production of recycled finished parts made from post-consumer plastics. Hanit® 100% recycled plastic is a sustainable, robust, weatherproof, and maintenance-free solution, ideal for applications exposed to high loads, moisture, and frost. Their material lasts a lifetime, resulting in a fit-once solution.

They asked Hedgehog in order to quantify the environmental benefits of their product, to perform a life cycle assessment (LCA) on the recycled plastic, comprising the HAHN polymer mix. This polymer can be extruded in any desired shape, and the production contains processes like blending and extrusion.

‍The approach

Several analyses were performed in order to assess their product’s environmental performance. A hotspot analysis was performed to understand where their impact lies. A scenario analysis was performed to see the effect of changes in one of their main environmental impact drivers. Additionally, a comparison was made with virgin plastics, showing the environmental benefits of their product.

The result

By conducting an LCA, HAHN Plastics was able to communicate their product’s sustainability performance.

The collaboration with Hedgehog Company was very efficient, giving us valuable access to expert resource provided in an extremely tight turnaround. Their thoroughness in completing this work, while under a deadline, has resulted in HPUK being able to approach many new customers
Mathew Baxendale
Head of Sales and Marketing


Sustainability Expert
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