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LCA & EPD for Sacksea: beanbag made from plastic soup

The challenge 

According to Sacksea's vision, the percentage of recycled plastics can and should be increased. They are more than happy to contribute to cleaning up and reusing plastic waste in new design products. Sacksea gathers raw materials obtained from 'clean up' initiatives and gives value to old plastics 'cycle up' by processing them in new products 'bag up'.

Sacksea main product is the ECO chair. The ECO chair is handmade in the Netherlands. Sacksea has asked Hedgehog Company to map the total environmental impact of the ECO chair through a life cycle analysis (LCA).

The approach

We conducted a LCA has given Sacksea insights that led to further enhance this already sustainable product. In addition, we delivered an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that is applied to the inside/inside sustainable product database. 

The result

The collaboration between Sacksea and Hedgehog Company has led to concrete starting points to further reduce the environmental impact of the beanbags. 

Based on the analysis, Sacksea started with a deposit concept. With this, customers get a part of their purchase price back if they return the Sacksea beanbag to Sacksea after use. This allows Sacksea to keep control over the materials used, so that the materials from the bean bags can be recycled again.

Thorough, committed, and flexible!
Simon Helder
Founder of Sacksea
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