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Sustainability in consumer electronics: the impact of Trust over the entire life cycle

The challenge

End of 2021 Trust International B.V. introduced its first Impact Report. This report gives insights into Trust’s environmental impact, and helps them with clarifying their sustainable mission, ambitions, and goals already achieved. Hedgehog Company helped Trust to substantiate this sustainable vision and assists Trust in the transition towards sustainability. 

The approach

By performing life cycle assessments (LCA) of several Trust products and their packaging, Hedgehog Company calculated the environmental impact over the entire life cycle.

The result

The LCA information provides Trust with the right information and insights to steer their sustainability strategy.  With the results, Hedgehog Company helped Trust answering questions such as 'where to start reducing, replacing or removing?'

Ultimately, the goal is to map out Trust’s entire product portfolio, so that sustainability can be steered at product level. Sustainability thus becomes an integral part of business operations and choices that are made.

“The insights in the CO2 impact in parts of our products caused a paradigm shift. The LCA hotspot analyses of Hedgehog Company open a new set of options to reduce our footprint and offer more sustainable products. We appreciate their knowledge, openness, and ease to implement recommendations.”
Wieger Deknatel
Business development manager sustainable products
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