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LCA of a rest flow: from cutting losses to laptop sleeve

The challenge

Eurostretch produces light brown festival tents. They supply these tents to a growing number of customers throughout Europe, e.g. tent rental companies, event organisers, and catering establishments.

When making the Eurostretch tents, the fabrics are cut, welded and sewn together. During the production process, part of the fabrics are lost due to cutting losses. Cutting losses are unusable for Eurostretch and discarded, resulting in these fabrics to end up in waste incineration. How can you minimise the environmental impact of this waste flow? 

The approach

To give the cutting losses a new lease of life, Eurostretch entered into a partnership with UNBEGUN. They make laptop sleeves, fanny packs and shoulder bags from recycled material. 

Hedgehog Company performed a life cycle assessment for not throwing this cutting loss away, but giving it a new lease of life.

The result

We calculated that the collaboration between Eurostretch and UNBEGUN saves an average of 9.750 kg of CO2 annually.


9.750 kg of CO2 equals:

- 48.000 km driving with an average petrol car

- 20 return flights by plane from Amsterdam- Munich

- The average annual CO2 emissions of a Dutch person

- The production of 4.5 thousand steaks

Thanks for the nice and clear collaboration
Joris Nieuwenhuis, Eurostretch
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