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With a LCA towards sustainable construction

The challenge
Bergvik is one of the leading companies globally on raised access floors and structural ceiling systems. Bergvik wanted to be able to demonstrate the sustainability of one of their products to different stakeholders, like business partners, customers and users of Bergvik’s products. 

The approach

In order to help Bergvik communicate about their product’s sustainability, Hedgehog Company performed a life cycle assessment (LCA). The aim of the LCA was to gain insight into the emissions of their floor panel, where the impact lies, and how it compares to different countries.  

The floor panel central in this study is sold to customers in three markets; the United States, Sweden and the rest of Europe. For each end-market, slight variations in the product composition and or the final waste treatment occur. Therefore, in this LCA, three scenarios are considered, for each end-market.

The results

The LCA results allowed Bergvik to gain insight into the difference in environmental impact between the countries. Furthermore, the results of this study are relevant for Bergvik itself, as they provide insight into the environmental hot spots of their product and supply chain.

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