Introduction: business carbon calculator

The transition towards a sustainable economy is a complex system change. It’s a necessary response to the wicked problem humanity has created in its relationship with the planet. This transition is inherently complex, and therefore guidance and support for businesses can be costly. 

We believe sustainability must be accessible and easy.

Hence, we donate a free version of the Hedgehog Carbon Dashboard.
This free dashboard allows any organisation to monitor emissions from scope 1, scope 2, and ‘business travel;’ and ‘employee commuting’ from scope 3.

What is a carbon footprint?

Before CO2 emissions can be reduced or compensated, it is necessary to have a carbon footprint made. A carbon footprint is a calculation of the total greenhouse gas emissions of the company over the past year. This CO2 emission inventory gives an overview of the contribution to the climate change status quo. Other environmental impacts such as water use, land use or soil contamination are not included in the calculation. Therefore, you can use the life cycle assessment method. The calculation and preparation of this carbon footprint are based on the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064. These are the global standards for quantifying, monitoring, reporting and verifying greenhouse gas emissions.

Video: Business carbon footprint + CO2 equivalent explained

Why reduce your carbon footprint?

The impact of industry and business on total greenhouse gas emissions is still too significant. Partly because of this, climate targets are not being met. By calculating your CO2 footprint, it is possible to determine where gain can be made to reduce your CO2 footprint. It is also crucial for an organisation to be future-proof. The laws and regulations are becoming increasingly stricter to achieve the climate goals. By carrying out a timely CO2 footprint calculation as an organisation, you know what measures you can take to comply with them. Moreover, there is a lot of demand nowadays for organisations that do business in a sustainable way, which means that a CO2 footprint can improve the image of your organisation.

Hedgehog business calculator

The Hedgehog carbon dashboard is an easy and accessible tool to assess your business carbon footprint and monitor the progress of this carbon footprint over time. In this carbon dashboard, you can decide whether you want to track your carbon emissions per month or per year.

The dashboard is build to be compliant with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG-protocol).

The GHG-protocol is currently the most common assessment and reporting framework for carbon accounting. 

Video: GHG protocol + scope 1,2 &3 emissions explained

This manual

The Carbon Calculator University is your manual to use the Hedgehog carbon dashboard to assess your business carbon footprint according to the GHG protocol. 

The GHG Protocol, or Greenhouse Gas Protocol, is a widely recognized and the most-used accounting protocol for measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions. It was developed by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

The GHG Protocol provides a comprehensive framework for businesses, governments, and other organizations to consists of standards and guidelines. These outline principles, methodologies, and reporting requirements for calculating and reporting emissions from various sources and activities within the value chain of different organisations.

It focuses on six steps:

  1. Define your organisational boundaries
  2. Define your operational boundaries
  3. Data collection
  4. Using Hedgehog dashboard to calculate emissions
  5. Verify your data
  6. Monitor your emissions

Please refer to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. A corporate accounting and reporting standard for any additional information.

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