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Climate neutral brokering: a quick assessment tool

Moving Digital offers marketing support and assists real estate firms with effective lead generation, as well as providing them with insights about their KPI’s. In this business, taking into account the environmental impact is not yet self-evident. Moving Digital noticed this, and therefore created the project “” (climate neutral brokering), together with Trees for All and Hedgehog Company. 

With this initiative, Moving Digital aims to create more awareness regarding carbon emissions in the real estate sector, and to help other companies with giving insights into their carbon footprint. Subsequently, to compensate for their CO2-emissions, they can donate to this project. Through this investment, Trees for All will plant an x amount of trees that over time will take up the approximate equivalent of emitted CO2 out of the air. 

Data driven

Hedgehog Company developed the carbon calculator for this project, approximating the business’ annual carbon emissions through a brief questionnaire. The approximation includes e.g. number of yearly taxations, means of transportation, amount of yearly purchases and square meters of office space. Based on the Dutch CO2-emission factors list, we developed the formulas, logic, and required data to build this tool. 

As of now, over 20 real estate firms have utilised the tool and received a carbon-neutral certificate by investing in projects of Trees for All. 

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