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Exact insights in the organisational carbon footprint

The challenge

The Dutch Pension Fund for the Metal and Technology Industry (PMT) manages the pensions for its 1.3 million participants within the Metal and Technology sector. PMT wanted exact insights in their organisational carbon footprint.

The approach

Hedgehog Company assessed the operational carbon footprint of PMT and reported in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol. The assessment related to greenhouse gas emissions in scopes 1 and 2, as also a portion of scope 3.

The relevant emission sources have been determined by using the GHG Protocol. Our assessment report on PMT’s activities covers emissions in 2021 and describes the delineation of emission sources, the analysis of relevant sources and the final results of the carbon footprint calculation.

The result

Based on the insights from the carbon footprint, we organised several sessions with various PMT employees, during which we guided PMT in defining its own targets for net-zero emissions and suggested possible carbon reduction/compensation measures, necessary to achieve those targets.

PMT formulated an Action Plan to continue measuring and monitoring its carbon emissions, using the Hedgehog Carbon Dashboard.

We experienced Hedgehog Company to be very accessible, co-operative and flexible in its approach to our collaboration. HHC’s knowledge and experience regarding carbon footprint assessment and analysis will definitely help us reaching our net-zero targets for the future!
Rebecca Wörner
Bestuursadviseur Beleggingen


Sustainability Expert
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