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Insights in the ecological benefit of plastic recycling: Morssinkhof-Rymoplast

The challenge

Morssinkhof-Rymoplast is one of Europe’s largest producers of high grade recycled raw materials. The company serves the European market, ranging from small companies in the plastics processing industry to the world’s largest multinational corporations. Morssinkhof has 10 processing facilities in Europe, each with their own specialism. 

They buy sorted post-consumer and post-industrial plastics, after which it is recycled into high grade sustainable raw materials. Their core business focuses on the recycling process of four different plastics: HDPE, LDPE, PET and PP.

Morssinkhof-Rymoplast wanted insights in the ecological benefit of applying PCR rHDPE and rPP recyclates in consumer packaging applications

The approach

Hedgehog Company has visited the recycling facility in Heerenveen. Here we got a close-up from their recycling processes. 

Hedgehog Company helped Morssinkhof by conducting a life cycle assessment (LCA). An LCA study quantifies the environmental impact of a product. Furtermore a comparison is made between the recycled granulates and virgin granulates. 

The LCA study dives into two specific product streams of Morssinkhof, namely MOPRYLENE® and MOTHYLENE®. This first product, MOPRYLENE®, consists of recycled polypropylene granules. The second product, MOTHYLENE®, consists of recycled high-density polyethylene granules. 

The result

The LCA gives Morssinkhof insight into their environmental hotspots. It allows them to communicate the environmental performance of their products and show the advantage over virgin plastics.

The collaboration with Hedgehog Company was very efficient, with a pragmatic approach combined with a very structured way of working. Our needs have been fully serviced, which helps us in development projects with our partners to express the ecological benefit of applying PCR rHDPE and rPP recyclates in consumer packaging applications
Bob Morssinkhof
QHSE Manager


Sustainability Expert
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