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Transparency and continuous improvement in fashion with Studio Anneloes

Studio Anneloes is a clothing brand that is sold at around three hundred stores across the Netherlands, including the Bijenkorf. Their mission is to empower women to feel strong, confident, and comfortable, while being aware of their impact and striving for a more sustainable future. Studio Anneloes is committed to work towards a more sustainable textile industry without sacrificing their future growth. They approached Hedgehog Company with the question how to communicate transparently on the impact of their clothing and further reduce their environmental footprint.

The solution

The solution was for Hedgehog Company to conduct a life cycle assessment of around 80% of Studio Anneloes' fabric portfolio. Over the next period, we will work together to assess the remaining 20%, including scope 1 and 2 emissions, and develop a strategy for reducing their environmental impact while maintaining economic growth. Hedgehog Company will also support Studio Anneloes in communicating their sustainability efforts to their customers based on the LCA insights.

Our collaboration with the Hedgehog Company is very good. They are a reliable partner who understand the questions we have and offer regular and clear communication on the progress. Also, they are flexible and adapt data based on new insights generated from discussions or new data delivered by supply chain stakeholders.
Laura Koedijk
Sustainability specialist at Studio Anneloes
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