Clarity in sustainability

We guide businesses towards sustainability

Hedgehog Company helps you to unlock the sustainability potential of your product, service, or complete organisation with data-driven support, creative communication, and clear solutions.

Data driven

Clear solutions

Creative communication

A new way to calculate your ghg emissions

The free Hedgehog Carbon Platform

Do you want insights in the carbon emissions of your organisation? The Hedgehog Company’s Carbon Platform is a powerful tool that helps businesses understand and track their greenhouse gas emissions.

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Getting started

We guide you to sustainability

If you're new to Hedgehog Company and want to take steps towards sustainability; we offer guidance in three categories.

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Struggling with sustainability

Are you challenged by sustainability standards? 

Consumers increasingly demand sustainable products

Clients and supply chain partners demand transparent sustainability information

The EU is setting up stricter environmental and social directives and regulations

Small and large investors are searching for more sustainable investments

Greta Thunberg, and the rest of her generation, demand a liveable planet for their future

Guiding you towards sustainability

You don't have to be an expert on sustainability to become sustainable

To know where to go, you first need to know where you currently are. Hedgehog Company helps you identify your current sustainability position and to set your possible destinations.

Our team of experts use a range of tailor-made environmental and social impact assessment methods to determine your current position. We help you explore your possible destinations based on your organisation, the ambition of you and your colleagues, existing and future compliance, and possible sustainability initiatives or labels suitable to your situation. 

We support you tailor-made, to the degree you prefer. Hedgehog Company creates clarity in sustainability.

We've guided 100+ customers
to get clarity in their sustainability

Thanks to Hedgehog's expert help, we broke down the big task of collecting CO₂ and LCA data step by step. In just four months, we completed our first CO₂ review. Grateful for the support that turned a tough job into a doable success!
Anna Ahrenberg
Brand and Sustainability Lead
We experienced Hedgehog Company to be very accessible, co-operative and flexible in its approach to our collaboration. HHC’s knowledge and experience regarding carbon footprint assessment and analysis will definitely help us reaching our net-zero targets for the future!
Rebecca Wörner
Management Advisor Investments
Our collaboration with Hedgehog Company is very good. They are a reliable partner who understand the questions we have and offer regular and clear communication on the progress. Also, they are flexible and adapt data based on new insights generated from discussions or new data from stakeholders.
Laura Koedijk
Sustainability specialist
Hedgehog Company is a team of committed young professionals, with the drive to deliver results with real impact in the production process. Their flexibility and open-minded inset make a very nice collaboration experience.
Yaite Cuesta Arenas
Project Manager Innovations
The insights in the CO2 impact in parts of our products caused a paradigm shift. The LCA hotspot analyses of Hedgehog Company open a new set of options to reduce our footprint and offer more sustainable products. We appreciate their knowledge, openness, and ease to implement recommendations.
Wieger Deknatel
Business Development Manager Sustainable Products

our 3-step strategy

Sustainability simplified


Start assessing

With the right set of tools, we'll calculate your impact. We help you collect data with our tailor-made templates and support.


Start planning

Together, we develop achievable targets and a clear strategy to help you become confident in sustainability.


Start implementing

Your team and you implement this strategy and become future-proof. We are here if you need support.

Clarity in sustainability

The team at Hedgehog Company consists of the first generation professionals, educated as sustainability experts. We've helped many organisations with our tailor-made solutions, calculations, and research.

Our work

What we've done for our partners

We create tailor-made solutions based on your specific situation. We deliver the service and results you need.

Knowledge base

An easy way to learn about sustainability

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