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Happy Birthday Hedgehog Company, 5 years!

Happy Birthday Hedgehog Company! Yes, we turned 5 years; a big milestone! So this deserved a big celebration with the whole team.

Happy Birthday Hedgehog Company! Yes, we turned 5 years; a big milestone!

The stakes are getting higher and higher for each of our company outings; and the party committee showed themselves again from their best side. This time: a musical journey through the rich history of Amsterdam Folk Music. Aka “De Smartlap.” Since we all progressed our singing skills with the Karaoke in January, this was a nice new chance to shine. With René Trok on the Accordion, and all of us with a beer to oil up the vocal cords, we think we managed quite well.

Earlier we also did a survival workshop, and we set out again for a scavenger hunt. Also, this was about surviving, with the rain and the elements not quite looking like summer at all… But there were a lot of nice cafés and bars along the way to let the rain pass. And later on, some Hedgehogs showed their skills playing arcade-games.

And for the next 5 years? More exciting adventures to come!

🌎 We see the markets moving, and companies are moving with us towards sustainability.  Sustainability is becoming more and more a cornerstone in business operations. Companies are compelled to embrace it. Not only due to the markets where they are in, but also due to tightening regulations. Consider, for instance, the CSRD. And the rising importance of the LCA. Or regulations on communicating claims about sustainability achievements. We find it an extremely interesting arena to be a part of!

💚 Thanks team for all your effort working on our mission!

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