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Hedgehog Company as member of the VLCA: Dutch association for LCAs in construction.

Construction is one of Hedgehog Company's focus sectors. We are a member of the Association for LCAs in Construction; an association for LCA experts Read more about it.

Construction is a sector with a significant environmental impact; therefore, construction is one of Hedgehog Company's focus sectors. We are a member of the VLCA: an association for LCA experts, specific in construction. Co-founder Saro Campisano provides more insight on this.

Knowledge sharing & quality assurance

"The VLCA is a Dutch association, where we gather approximately four times a year to discuss relevant topics and challenges in the field. This helps to keep knowledge up-to-date, and we stay informed about each other's ongoing projects.

The quality of LCAs and EPDs within the construction industry is also ensured; sometimes, products are inaccurately listed or placed in the wrong category in the National Environmental Database, and this has consequences for our clients. For example, in calculating their MPG score, the Environmental Performance of Buildings. This is something that the VLCA addresses."

The role of the VLCA

We see an active role for the VLCA, where frameworks can be provided to the market. This is already happening, but it could even increase further in the future. Because we face a significant challenge in construction; on the one hand, we see a changing housing market with a high demand for affordable homes, and on the other hand, the global, urgent environmental issues. How can we continue to reconcile these in the future? That requires a shift.

The VLCA exclusively focuses on the construction sector. However, I see value in such initiatives for other sectors as well; in the coming years, both nationally and internationally, there will be many new sustainability laws and regulations coming up. For example, the PEF, a new European standard for LCAs. By learning from each other within sectors, you can collectively prepare for such developments."

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